Should You Put Epoxy Flooring In A Garage?

Are you looking to renovate your garage in some way, either to transform it into a workspace or simply make it look a bit nicer? One way this can be done is by putting an epoxy coating on the floor. Here are a few things that you need to know to determine if an epoxy garage floor is a good fit for you. 

Epoxy Is Durable

A big reason that epoxy is used on a garage floor is because of the durability of epoxy. It works great in high-traffic areas, and it is going to resist the normal wear and tear that a painted floor would provide. The epoxy can even provide some much-needed protection from liquids that can leak from a vehicle and will make those liquids easier to clean from the surface. 

Epoxy Looks Great

The epoxy floor is also going to add to the overall aesthetics of a garage due to its visual apparel. You can customize the color of the epoxy flooring to practically any color that you want, and even add flakes that add to the texture and help hide dirt and stains.

Epoxy Is Safe

Epoxy is going to create a great surface that is perfect for staying safe in a garage. That's due to how it's possible to use epoxy that has slip-resistant properties. The water that gets tracked in by shoes and car tires will not result in puddles that can easily cause a dangerous slip-and-fall accident to happen. It's a little bit of peace of mind that epoxy can offer. 

Epoxy Is More Expensive Than Paint

When it comes down to the cost of either painting or putting an epoxy coating on a garage floor, epoxy is always going to be the more expensive option. However, you need to look at all of the benefits that it provides over paint that can make epoxy well worth it. You may find that the money you spend on applying an epoxy floor is comparable to the multiple coats of paint that you need to apply over the years, which can unexpectedly add up.

Epoxy Requires Maintenance

That epoxy floor coating will require maintenance over time, especially when you notice that it is cracked or chipped. Cracks can be fixed with a simple epoxy filler, but chips require some sanding and an application of a new epoxy coat over the damaged area. 

To learn more about garage epoxy flooring, contact a flooring service in your area.

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