What To Know About Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Although hardwood floors are highly desirable, they can get damaged throughout the years. For instance, in a household that has children, hardwood floors can get damaged when children roll toys on the floor or use roller skates in the house. There are numerous other ways for hardwood floors to get damaged as well, including scrapes appearing from the claws of pets. If your hardwood floors are no longer appealing due to the severity of the damage, refinishing the wood might be all that is needed to make the floors more appealing. If you want the most satisfactory results, hire a professional to avoid making the wood look worse. 

The Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Before your hardwood floors are refinished, the furniture will have to be removed from the rooms where refinishing is being done. It might be your responsibility to remove the furniture, but you can ask the contractor if it is included in the services you are paying for. When work begins, a substantial amount of sanding will be done to get rid of the damaged layer of wood. There will be a lot of dust during the sanding process, but the contractors will clean it up. After sanding the wood down, the floors can be stained with the original color of stain, or you can opt for a different color.

Why Refinishing Hardwood Floors is Beneficial

Other than bringing beauty back to hardwood floors, refinishing comes with several other benefits. For example, by getting your floors refinished, the value of your home will go up because the floors will be less damaged than they were before. Your floors will also be safer to walk on due to splintered wood being sanded down. Refinishing hardwood floors is also a wise way to save money because you will not have to invest in getting new floors installed. Refinished hardwood floors can give your home a new look if you choose a different color of stain.

When Refinished Hardwood Floors Can Be Used

After your floors have been refinished, there will be rules regarding when the floors can be walked on. For example, you might be told to not walk on the floors for a day or so after they have been refinished. You might also be told not to walk on the floors while wearing shoes. The rules will depend on what exactly is being done to your floors during the refinishing process. Be sure to follow the instructions that are presented to you after the work is complete.

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