How To Install A Laminate Floor That Is Very Moisture-Resistant

When a laminate floor is exposed to excessive moisture, the floor can stain, buckle, swell, and eventually break down. Therefore, a floor will need to be given a protective coating so it does not become damaged if water is tracked inside your home or if there is a leak. 

Understanding Your Laminate Floor Layers

Before applying the polyurethane protective coating, you will need to know how a laminate floor typically works. This type of floor comes with several layers. The wear layer exists to prevent moisture from penetrating the floor and also protects the floor from abrasion. 

Underneath the protective layer, you will be able to see the pattern layer. This layer is meant to control how your laminate flooring looks. Underneath this thin layer is the wood core. This layer provides support for the layers above and also is meant to soundproof your floor. Finally, there is a backing layer underneath your laminate floor that consists of glue that is meant to hold all of it together.

Preparing Your Floor

Before applying the coating, the floor needs to be swept and cleaned thoroughly. It should be cleaned with water with a small amount of white vinegar mixed in. Scrub the floor thoroughly and then allow it to dry. 

Applying the Coating

The tool used to apply the polyurethane coating should either be a disposable roll or a mop that has never been used so that you do not make the floor dirty. Start with the corner that is the furthest from the doorway.

Sweep in light and quick motions. Do not walk on a surface that you have already applied a polyurethane coating to. Also, avoid walking on the surface for several days to allow the coating to fully dry. 

Locking It All in Place

Even if your laminate flooring is coated properly, it will not necessarily be protected from the intrusion of moisture if the laminate panels are not knocked together correctly. Laminate panels come with a locking mechanism that is meant to protect vulnerable sections of the laminate flooring. However, you must not forget to lock them by applying laminate glue. After you have applied the glue, wipe away excess glue and allow it to dry.

Once you have installed waterproof flooring and have applied a protective coating, you will still need to maintain your floor to make sure that it does not deteriorate. Then, your floor will last a long time.

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