3 Hardwood Finishes That Have Metal Names

Browsing the names of the many hardwood products at your local flooring store can often give you an idea of how well this flooring can work in your home. When you see a name that resonates with you, it may be because you have other elements in the room that would tie in well with that particular type of flooring. When you check out these names, it's common to find several that relate to metal. There's no actual metal on the hardwood — these names simply refer to the look of the finish. Here are three popular examples of hardwood finishes that have metal names.


A lot of hardwood flooring suppliers carry hardwood that has a copper finish. This doesn't mean that the wood has a metallic shimmer like actual copper, but it does mean that the wood has a color that is somewhere between orange and brown. For many people, this can be an appealing hardwood color because of its visual warmth. If you want a certain room in your home to have a cozy feeling, this color of hardwood can be an option to seriously consider. It can often tie in well with any furniture or decor in the space that has copper tones.


If you like the idea of your hardwood flooring offering a cooler look rather than a warm and cozy one, look for a hardwood product that has a nickel finish. This finish is a rich gray color that may have some subtle blue tones, especially when you look at the flooring sample in certain types of light. The cool look of this finish can work well in several areas of your home. You might like the idea of having nickel hardwood in a home office, for example, or perhaps you might favor it in a kitchen that has silverish appliances.

Wrought Iron

Another metal-inspired hardwood finish that you may find when you shop for new flooring is a wrought iron finish. Like its namesake, this finish is dark. While it's not jet black like actual wrought iron, it's likely one of the darkest hardwood finishes that you'll see when you shop. This hardwood finish can be a good choice in a room where you want to have a dark look. You might favor it in your dining room, but it can also work well in a recreational area such as a home theater room or a gaming room.

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