Things To Know About Choosing Hardwood For Your New Floors

While wood flooring is a common option for homes and businesses, there are many individuals that may make a series of mistakes when it comes to caring for this type of flooring. As a result, they could find that their hardwood floors may not be as durable as they would have hoped.

The Finish Of The Wood Floor Can Provide Important Protection

The finish for the hardwood floors will be integral in giving them the desired look. However, it can also provide some important benefits for the flooring as well. For example, the finish may be able to minimize the chance of the hardwood floor becoming discolored.

This is due to the finish acting as a protective layer that can prevent pigments or other materials from seeping into the pores of the wood flooring. Due to these protections, individuals should act quickly if they notice that their hardwood floor finish is starting to degrade.

Wood Oil Can Protect The Color And Condition Of This Type Of Flooring

Most wood flooring systems will benefit from having oil applied to them at periodic intervals. By applying the wood oil to it, you will be able to reduce the tendency of hardwood flooring to become brittle as time passes. This is often the result of the natural oils and moisture in the wood drying out over time. As this occurs, the floors can become increasingly brittle.

In most cases, the wood oil will only need to be applied every few weeks in order to keep the floors in good condition. For the best results, the wood flooring should be thoroughly cleaned with a dust mop to remove any dirt that may interfere with the oil's ability to seep into the wood.

Resurfacing Should Not Be Needed Often For Wood Floors That Are Properly Maintained 

Resurfacing the hardwood floors can be a simple process that will greatly revitalize the appearance of the floors. In fact, this can be an option that will frequently be used to address a variety of surface damages to the hardwood flooring. While resurfacing the hardwood floors can be an effective way of improving their appearance, it is important to note that this is a major project to undertake.

However, it is not something that a homeowner should need to have done on a frequent basis. Generally, a home will be able to go years without needing this work done as long as the owner is taking a proactive approach to managing the maintenance and care needs of their wood flooring. 

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