3 Signs That Your Hardwood Floors Need Refinishing

One of the things that many homeowners love about hardwood floors is that even after years of use, they can be restored to their original beauty through the refinishing process. The problem is, many homeowners do not know when their floors simply need to be cleaned and buffed or when they need to be refinished. Thankfully, there are three simple warning signs that you can look out for that will tell you when it is time to refinish your hardwood floors. You can learn more about these three warning signs by reading below. 

1: Your Floor Has Developed Scratches Over The Majority Of The Surface

All hardwood floors will get scratched from time to time. If you are dealing with just a few scratches, repairing the scratched areas of the floor will not require floor refinishing services. However, if you have scratches over the majority of your flooring surface, having your floors refinished will often be the only to eliminate this damage. 

2: Your Hardwood Floors Appear Gray In Color

Many people refer to the fading color of hardwood floors as patina and simply attribute this change to the aging process. While it is true that this change occurs on older floors, the fact is that this is not a change that should be ignored. This is because this change in color not only indicates old age, it actually indicates damage to your floor. Consequently, while many people enjoy the appearance of a grayed wood floor, ignoring this sign of damage is never a good idea. If you prefer the look of an aged floor, you may want to consider having it stained using a similar color during the process of having your floor refinished. 

3: Your Floors Are Splintering Or Warping

Do you find it hard to walk on your hardwood floors because they have begun to splinter or because the boards are warped and no longer lay flat? If so, you should know that both of these issues can be a sign of serious water damage. This can occur as the result of basic mopping if the seal on your hardwood floors has worn away over time. The most effective way to correct this issue is to have your entire floor refinished. This remains true even if the damage seems to be isolated to a specific area. This is because while the damage may not have spread to the entire floor yet, you can be sure that the seal on the entire floor is compromised if even a portion of the floor has begun showing these signs of damage. 

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