Three Reasons To Have Wood Floor Refinishing Completed

Wood floor refinishing involves sanding down your existing hardwood floors and removing the outermost layer on the wood. This reveals a new layer that has not been walked across or exposed to the elements. This process can only be completed on real hardwood flooring. It cannot be done on laminate floors. If you own real hardwood, you may wonder if you need wood floor refinishing.

Here are three reasons why you may want or need to have this service completed. 

Your Wood Floors Have Been Damaged 

The number one reason why wood floor refinishing is completed is to remove damage from hardwood floors. If your hardwood floors have been scratched, dinged, gouged, have faded due to sun exposure, or have surface-level stains, wood floor refinishing may help to eliminate these imperfections. By sanding down the hardwood, a professional can essentially sand away these imperfections that sit on the surface of the wood. However, it is important to note that wood floor refinishing may not remove deep gouges or stains. 

Your Wood Floors Have Lost Their Luster

Another reason why you may want to have wood floor refinishing completed is that your wood floors have lost their luster. If you have wood floors that constantly look dirty and dull, no matter how much time you spend cleaning them, you can benefit from this service. Wood soaps and finishes can affect the top layer of wood, as can feet walking across the wood. Eventually, oils and soaps penetrate the wood to such a point that removing the outermost layer of wood is needed to breathe new life into floors that look worn and dull.  

You Want to Change the Color of Your Wood Floors

The last reason why you may wish to have wood floor refinishing completed is that you want to change the color of your wood floors. If you are looking to stain or paint your wood floors, sanding down your existing hardwood floors first is recommended. This removes any paint or stain that is currently in place. It also removes debris and soap and oil residue that may prevent the paint or stain from adhering. 

Wood floor refinishing sands away the top layer from your hardwood floors, leaving behind a new layer that is fresh and unblemished. This process can help to remove scratches, gouges, and surface-level stains, as well as revive floors that have lost their luster. Wood floor refinishing can also be completed if you wish to stain or paint your hardwood floors a different color. If you are interested in learning more about wood floor refinishing, including whether the procedure can be completed on your floors, reach out to a hardwood floor restoration company today. 

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