4 Signs That Your Wood Floor Needs Refinishing

Wood floor refinishing services can help to restore the beauty and function of a hardwood floor while also extending its overall life span by protecting it from future damage. If your hardwood floors are exhibiting any of the signs described below, it is time for you to have your wood floor refinished. 

#1: Your Wood Floor Has Changed Colors

As wood floors age, they often begin to change colors from their once deep brown hues to a faded gray. Many people refer to this process as patina and believe that it is nothing more than an effect of the aging process. In fact, there are many people who find aged floors to be quite beautiful. While there is nothing wrong with appreciating the color of an aged wood floor, it is important to understand that this color change is the result of the floor not being properly sealed over an extended period of time. If your floor has changed colors, you will need to have the floor refinished in order to repair the damage that has been done. 

#2: There Are Widespread Scratches On Your Floor

Everything from moving furniture over a hardwood floor to walking around with your shoes on can result in scratches to your hardwood floors. A few localized scratches can easily be addressed without the need for wood floor refinishing. However, if the scratches are widespread or go below the surface level of the floor, refinishing services will be required in order to repair the damage.

#3: Your Wood Floor Is Splintering

A wood floor that is not properly sealed can begin to splinter as a result of being exposed to moisture. If this happens, you could find that you are unable to walk on your floors without shoes if you wish to avoid getting splinters in your feet. The good news is that you can restore the smooth surface of your floor without needing to replace it by simply taking advantage of wood floor refinishing services. 

#4: Your Floor Has Suffered Water Damage

One of the reasons that it is so important to seal a hardwood floor is that wood is a porous material that can easily suffer water damage if it is not protected. This water damage can cause your floorboards to warp, swell, crack, and splinter. You may also find dark stains on your floors as a result of exposure to water. If your wood floors are showing any signs of water damage, refinishing your floors will be the best way to address this issue and prevent further damage. 

Contact a local wood floor refinishing service, such as NJ APC Hardwood Floors, to learn more. 

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