What Makes Luxury Vinyl Flooring Unique?

Vinyl is a common material used for floors because of its durability and low price. However, if you want a vinyl floor that looks better, a great option is to instead have luxury vinyl flooring installed. However, you might want to know what makes this type of flooring stand out.

The Beauty of Luxury Vinyl

A piece of luxury vinyl flooring looks much better than traditional vinyl because it can look like stone or wood. The first layer of your floor is a UV coating that protects the floor from the sun so it doesn't become damaged. The coating covers the wear layer. Underneath the wear layer is the decor film, which is what you will see when looking at your floor. Finally, you have the WPC core.

Durability and Scratch-Resistance

The luxury vinyl flooring is harder than traditional vinyl and is more resistant to foot traffic. It is also more likely to hold up if something heavy is dropped on the floor or if a heavy piece of furniture is accidentally slid across the floor. With other types of flooring materials, the floor might become scratched.

Luxury Vinyl Vs. Other Options

There are several other options to choose from that are similar to vinyl, such as engineered hardwood floors. However, luxury vinyl flooring is often chosen because it is much better at resisting moisture. Therefore, it's a great option if your home is in an area that has a lot of moisture and is great for bathrooms. Also, you might simply have a leak or a spill, and your floor will be better able to resist it if it is made out of vinyl.

If you have pets and you are considering replacing your floor, luxury vinyl is ideal because your pets will be less likely to scratch the floor. The floor will also be more resistant to your pet making a mess on the floor.

Luxury Vinyl and Your Previous Floor

When you're ready to have your luxury vinyl flooring installed, you will not have to rip up the floor that currently exists in most cases. You will be able to place your new luxury vinyl flooring over your existing floor. The only concern is when the vinyl flooring would end up being too high off the ground and then the installation crew will remove your previous floor so your new luxury vinyl floor can be put in place.

For more information about luxury vinyl flooring, contact a local service, such as Pro Flooring.

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