3 Signs Your Wood Floor Needs Refinishing

One of the most significant benefits of installing hardwood floors in your home is that these floors can easily be restored to their original beauty through a process known as refinishing. This allows homeowners to continue enjoying all the benefits of a hardwood floor without the need to replace this flooring as it ages. However, many homeowners do not know how to tell when it is time to have their wood floors refinished. You can avoid finding yourself in this same situation by taking the time to learn the three primary signs that your wood floor is in need of refinishing. 

Sign #1: Widespread Scratches

Small scratches on the surface of your wood floor are truly unavoidable. Thankfully, these small scratches really are no need for concern and can be easily repaired without the need to treat the entire floor. However, if your wood floor has widespread or deep scratches, you will need to have your floor refinished in order to repair this type of extensive damage. This is because the entire top layer of the floor will need to be sanded down and resealed in order to eliminate this type of widespread damage. 

Sign #2: Faded Color

The sealant on your wood floor is responsible for protecting your floor from a variety of different types of damage. For instance, this seal helps to protect against damage from UV rays and excess moisture. When this protective layer wears off, your wood floor will begin to become discolored. The problem is that many homeowners simply assume that this is a normal sign of aging. In fact, some people even believe that the faded color of their wood gives the floor a certain amount of character. However, this fading is actually a sign of damage. In order to repair this damage and restore your floor to its original beauty, you will need to contact a wood floor refinishing contractor. 

Sign #3: Splintering

Do you avoid walking barefoot on your hardwood floors in order to prevent wood splinters from getting in your feet? If so, this is a strong indication that your wood floors need to be refinished. This is because as the sealant on your floor wears off over time, the underlying floorboards can become damaged and begin to splinter. The most effective way to correct this problem is to sand down the top damaged layer of the floor and apply a new layer of sealant. This is exactly what takes place when having your wood floors refinished. 

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