Why Quartz Is A Leading Choice For Kitchen Countertops

Trying to design the perfect kitchen takes a lot of time and effort, but one area that must not be overlooked in this process is your countertop. After all, this is perhaps the largest surface and what your eyes are mainly drawn to when working in the kitchen, so it needs to be well-matched to your overall kitchen aesthetic. If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen or starting a new design from scratch, then here are a few reasons why you might want to keep quartz in mind when it comes to finding the right material for your countertops.

Harder Than Similar Materials

Quartz, marble, and granite are often compared to one another because of the visual similarities, but many people are unaware of the fact that quartz is significantly harder than both of those options. The simple fact is that those two are natural rocks, and quartz is actually a man-made material that contains mostly mineral materials from quartz deposits, and while granite is significantly harder than marble, it is not as hard as quartz. This hardness ensures that it doesn't break as easily and can withstand a lot tougher scratches and wear and tear, which you will often find in a busy kitchen that cooks three meals a day.


Due to the fact that quartz and granite are rocks, they are porous materials that will allow liquid and small foodstuffs into their surface. That can make them harder to clean and less hygienic, as this can become a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases. Quartz has a sealed surface that does not allow anything into it, which means that it is easier to keep clean and you have less chance of any negative growths. In a place where you want to prepare food safely, a quartz kitchen countertop is a must-have especially compared to the other two similar options or something even less sanitary like timber.

Many Different Options

Unlike granite and marble that have a few variations, quartz comes with all sorts of different patterns that can make your home feel very unique. From Caesarstone to milestone and everything in between, if you want a unique countertop that looks nothing like what you're friends have then you have to look no further than quartz. Not only that, but because quartz countertops are becoming so popular, they are easier to source and more prominently available in many supply shops which makes it easier to get your hands on the exact type you want.

For more information on a quartz kitchen countertop, contact a company near you.

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