4 Clues That It Is Time To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Refinishing can make old and worn surfaces look new again. In some situations, it is the only way to bring back the original glory of the wooden part. However, sanding and refinishing a wooden floor is a complex process that needs a lot of time and attention to detail. You should make sure that it is the ideal solution for you before you commit to it. If your hardwood floor has less extensive damage, you might get an easy time screening and recoating it. Here are four clues that it is time to refinish your hardwood floors. 

Significant Scratches and Dents

It is close to impossible to get away with minor dings and scratches on your wooden floors. The damage is more common in homes with little children and pets. However, you should sand if the damage becomes massive and gets inside the poly coating, reaching the wood. The process evens out the bumps and leaves your floor without scars. You should take any damage that has gotten to the deeper layers seriously because it makes your surface vulnerable to water damage. 

Splinters in the Wood

Splinters are another indication that you need to refinish your hardwood floors. Your floor gets splinters when heavy objects drop on it. This problem can also occur because of the alternating freezing and thawing, which leads to shrinkage. The flooring starts splintering when the sealing coat wears away, and the floor underneath gets damaged. The best way to treat such a floor is by sanding it. When smooth, you can apply a fresh coat of sealant to protect the surface from any damage. 

Floorboards Turning Gray

Another common problem with wooden floors is when the boards start turning gray. Typically, a surface turns gray after it has suffered water damage. Sanding will strip away the gray coating and expose the fresh and healthy color within the floorboards. It is also advisable to check for any boards that have turned black. The best way to deal with planks that have turned black is to replace them.

Water Stains on the Floor

Stained floors are an indication that the surface has suffered water damage. You can prevent water stains by wiping the spills as soon as they occur. However, you can sand the floor to eliminate long-term damage on hardwood floors. 

Doing it yourself is one way that you can handle floorboards. However, you will get better results when you enlist the services of a professional. Hire a hardwood refinishing contractor to get the best value for your money. Contact a hardwood refinishing service for more information. 

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