Lesser Known Factors That Can Affect How Much You Will Pay For Hardwood Flooring Installation

The cost to have a hardwood flooring contractor install new hardwood flooring in your home can range quite a bit. If you are looking to have new hardwood flooring installed, you may find yourself wondering what factors will affect the installation cost. Here are three of the lesser-known factors that play a role in labor and installation costs for your new hardwood flooring. 

The Condition of Your Subfloor

One thing that plays a role in how much you will pay for hardwood flooring installation is the condition of your subfloor. Your subfloor needs to be in relatively good condition without any major slopes or cracks to install hardwood flooring. If your subfloor is not in great condition, a hardwood flooring contractor is going to have to repair or refinish your subfloor before the hardwood floor can be installed. This takes time and drives your installation costs up. 

The Type of Hardwood Flooring Being Installed

One of the most common misconceptions is that the type of hardwood flooring you are installing only matters when it comes to material costs, not labor costs. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Different types of hardwood flooring are installed differently. Softer woods can be glued into place, medium-strength woods may be stapled into place and harder woods may need to be nailed into place. Different types of woods are also easier for a hardwood flooring contractor to cut and work with, all of which can affect labor costs. 

The Pattern for the Hardwood Flooring

The final factor that can affect how much you will pay for hardwood flooring installation is the pattern for the hardwood floor. Horizontal or vertical stripe patterns are the fastest, easiest and cheapest patterns to install. Diagonal patterns, herringbone patterns, and chevron patterns cost more. The more intricate your pattern is, the more cuts a hardwood flooring contractor has to make to the wood. They also have to take the time to position each board correctly. Patterns take time and create more work, thus increasing the cost you will pay. 

The cost one person will pay a hardwood flooring contractor to install new hardwood floors can vary because of the condition of your subfloor, the type of hardwood being installed, and the pattern for your new floor. If you are looking to have new hardwood floors installed, get quotes from multiple hardwood flooring contractors to find a contractor who offers fair and reasonable pricing for hardwood flooring installation. 

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