Three Advantages Of Striped Carpet

A lot of people choose plain carpet for the rooms in their homes, and there's little question that a plain design in a color that you like can augment the look of the space. If you're the type of person who wants something different, your local carpet store has a number of options for you to consider. One idea is striped carpet, which you'll find in many different colors. The stripes in carpet can vary considerably, so whether you favor thick, bold stripes or stripes that are thinner and more subtle, you'll have plenty of styles to consider. Here are three advantages of using striped carpet.

Room Appearance

People often wear striped garments to slightly change how they appear. For example, someone who is not very tall may wear a shirt with vertical stripes to look a little taller. A similar idea is possible when you use striped carpeting. For example, if your room is narrow and you want it to appear wider, striped carpet can be an option. Just make sure that your installer positions the carpet in the right direction so that the stripes give the right illusion.

Furniture Alignment

If you are the type of person who takes pride in having the furniture in your home perfectly aligned, striped carpet can help. The stripes will provide an easy series of lines on the floor for you to follow when you set up your furniture. For example, if you have a desk in the carpeted room, you can position it so that its front edge is in alignment with one of the stripes in the carpet. Taking this approach with each of the pieces of furniture will give the room an orderly appearance.

Vibrant Style

A lot of people choose striped carpeting for rooms in their homes simply because of the vibrant style that this floor covering offers. While plain carpet can add style to a room, you may find that a striped design looks more lively. You might opt to use this type of carpet in a room that you want to look upbeat. For example, it can work well in a home office or even a home theater room. Visit a local carpet company to buy the style you want, and then talk to a carpet installer to arrange a date for getting this floor covering put in place. A carpet flooring service can provide further information. 

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