The Steps You Can Expect From a New Tile Installation

It may be tempting to install your own tile, but it is a lot harder than you may think. It can be a messy thing as well, which you may not have time to deal with. A professional tile installation is the best way to go if you want your tile installed right and as fast as possible. Putting in tile happens in a three-step process, which may be good to know if you are seriously considering getting tile this year in your kitchen or bathroom or wherever.

Flooring Removal

The first step is removing the old floor covering. One mistake that homeowners make is trying to remove old tiles to save time for the tile installer. This can work out, but it may also mean more work and cost for the tile worker. Tile installation professionals have tools to remove old tiles that will prevent them from breaking. They can also remove the tile or other flooring without damaging the concrete below. If the concrete below the flooring gets damaged, it will require it to be repaired. That means you will spend money on repairs that usually can be avoided.

Floor Preparation

Once all the old flooring is removed, a flooring installer will make sure the area is completely clean. They will then determine whether the surface is adequately level. If it is, then little or no additional prep work has to be done. In most cases, it must be leveled out with concrete or grout. Once the floor is level, it will take a few hours to dry before anything additional can be done to the area. When everything is dry and determined to be level, the final part of the process can be done.

Mapping the Floor

While there are different approaches to tiling, most tile installation contractors will map the area with tiles before doing the actual installation. This will help the tile layer determine where smaller tiles may be necessary, and where larger tiles must be cut to fit in certain spaces. Spacers are usually used to space the tiles for the grout to go in, and so the grout lines will look perfectly even. Once everything is in the right spot and the whole area mapped and measured, the tiles can be permanently placed and the grout spread into each line between tiles. 

Correctly putting in the tiling can ensure that you have a beautiful floor. An experienced and professional tile layer will avoid the mistakes that amateurs often make when removing old flooring and preparing to put in new flooring. Contact local tile installers to learn more. 

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