Getting New Kitchen Cabinets? Consider These 4 Tips

Remodeling your kitchen can be an exciting time, especially because you will be getting new cabinets to replace your old ones. However, you want to avoid making any of these mistakes when picking your kitchen cabinets. These tips should help you do it. 

Know That You Don't Need Solid Walls Of Cabinets

One common problem that people run into is wanting to give themselves plenty of storage, to the point where every single wall in their kitchen is a wall of cabinets. While it looks practical when designing the kitchen, it may not look the most appealing once it is installed. Know that you do not need to cover every wall surface with cabinets. You can leave a wall empty and use it for decoration, or put on shelves where you can see the items on top of it. Shelves work great for places where you place commonly used items or for putting out decorative items.

Make Room For Your Appliances

If you are putting in custom kitchen cabinets, it's important to make room for the appliances that you love. You don't want to end up with cabinets that are so low that you cannot fit your blender underneath it, or a mixer that is too wide to fit through a cabinet door. Make sure that you have the room to place your favorite appliances in the kitchen so that you can continue to use them regularly. 

Decide On Your Desire For Hardware

Hardware is a topic that is often debated on when to install custom kitchen cabinets. Will you want cabinets that have hardware on them or ones that do not have any hardware at all? Know that hardware is always something that you can add later on, so consider starting without hardware, see how you feel, and add it later if you want it. Some people don't like how no hardware can cause the cabinet surfaces to get dirty, with hardware making it easy to focus on cleaning just the handles. 

Consider Under Cabinet Lighting

New cabinets also give you the opportunity to install under cabinet lighting, which can increase the visibility of your prep area and make it easier to work in the kitchen. This is definitely something that you want to install properly as the cabinets are being installed. While there are ways to install under cabinet lighting after the fact, having it installed the right way with a light switch will be much nicer.  

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