5 Tips for Installing Vinyl Flooring

One of the great things about vinyl flooring is that practically anyone can install it on their own by following a few basic steps. However, it helps to know some tips that will help the installation go smoothly. Read on to learn more.

Tap Down All Subfloor Fasteners

You want the subfloor surface that you are working with to be as flat as possible, and a common problem is that there are fasteners in the subfloor that stick up above it. While this may be been fine for the carpet that rested above it, you want the surface flat for vinyl flooring. Go around the subfloor and tap down any nails that are sticking above the surface. If there are screws where the head is sticking out, tighten them so they are no longer doing so.

Level The Floor

Is there a dip in the floor in a place where it is not level? This dip can cause the flooring material to press down when you step on it, which you may find acceptable. However, you can level the floor with thin-set mortar to build up those areas above the wood subfloor where it is dipping low. If you have a concrete subfloor because you're working in a basement, you can use self-leveling concrete for a similar effect.

Remove The Baseboards

While it is possible to install vinyl flooring with the baseboards installed, you'll create a much cleaner look by removing them. This allows you to put the vinyl flooring closer to the wall, and then leave the proper expansion gap between the baseboards and the flooring. You can then hide the gap with a piece of quarter-round material to create a clean finished edge against the wall. 

Think About Your Starting Point

Don't make the mistake of starting the installation by placing a full floorboard and seeing how the flooring material lands when you reach the opposite side of the room. You could be in a situation where you end up with a very short piece of vinyl flooring, which will look weird. Do some planning so that you can stagger the boards so that the seams between places are far away from the wall.

Have The Right Tools On Hand

While it is possible to cut vinyl flooring to the right size with a razor blade, you may have better results making cuts with the right tools on hand. Using a table saw or chop saw is going to help you make more accurate cuts in the wood floorboards. 

To learn more or to hire a professional to help you will your install, contact a flooring company like KC Marble & Tile.

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